In the morning Jenny found herself in the bed of another person, she was afraid of seeing that she slept with Lyan. It was the first time she slept with another person especially a boy. Lyan wake up and told her that it was the best night he never had and he told her that not be afraid.

Jenny was afraid but at the same time happy because she spend the night with a person she loved and she had been blinded by the love she had for Lyan.

Jenny remembered that she had to work when she was working,  Lyan’s mother came and told her that there were guests coming that she could prepare enough food.

The guests who were coming were Alicia family, they come, they ate and drunk and Alicia father brought up the subject of their children getting married Jenny heard it and she felt sad. 

But when Alicia’s family was gone Jenny and Lyan had to meet but Jenny asked him again but that time Lyan didn’t answer the only thing he did was he went away. Jenny didn’t understand what was going on.

Where Lyan was, he took a phone and called someone and told that person that he did it that person was Lyan best friend Josh. 

So read how it started Josh had told Lyan that if he manage to make Jenny fall in love with him, he Will give him 100k,  he did it with his friends of Lyan,  they used to tell him that he was afraid of girls so they bet.

Meaning that it was a lie. Then Lyan told everything to Josh he told him that he even did more

The days passed away till one day jenny find out that she was pregnant. The next is in the next part

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